The Tactical Starbucks Zombies and Coffee Velcro Patch


The Tactical Starbucks Zombies and Coffee Velcro Patch


ZOMBIE'S Guns and Coffee Velcro Tactical Patch

Ultra High Quality!


Matches Multicam, Diffrent then the rest, Rare design (gernades)

Made in the USA!

Size- 3.5" round

Great for any uniform

High Quality Velcro Back

Take a stand!

Sbucks Corp. and some other chain stores in the U.S. are finding themselves caught in the middle of a firearms debate, as gun-control advocates go up against a burgeoning campaign by gun owners to carry holstered pistols in public places. AS THEY SHOULD, ZOMBIES ARE ALL AROUND US!

The "open carry" movement, in which gun owners carry unconcealed handguns as they go about their everyday business, is loosely organized around the country but has been gaining traction in recent months. Gun-control advocates have been pushing to quash the movement, including by petitioning the Sbucks coffee chain to ban guns on its premises.

Businesses have the final say on their property. But the ones that don't opt to ban guns—such as Sbucks—have become parade grounds of sorts for open-carry advocates.

Sbucks on Wednesday, while bemoaning being thrust into the debate, defended its long-standing policy of complying with state open-carry weapons laws, in part by stating that its baristas, or "partners," could be harmed if the stores were to ban guns.

The chain said that in the 43 states where open carry is legal, it has about 4,970 company-operated stores. THEY ARE SMART BECAUSE THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING!



A Pantel Tactical Product

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