Universal Goggle Retention Straps (goggle Keepers)

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Universal Goggle Retention Straps (goggle Keepers)



Universal Goggle Retention Straps

Color- Tan (matches Multicam) 


Tactical Universal Goggle retention straps. These two fantastic straps keep your goggles in place during all types of high-speed activities and airborne operations. Installation is very simple: Remove the two rear bolts of the helmet; insert the bolt through the hole at the bottom of the strap, screw the bolts back in the helmet, put the goggles strap over the retention straps, and then snap it. Goggles can be instantly released by un-snapping these straps. Our universal goggle retention straps work for MICH, ACH, SDS Warrior helmet, PASGT helmet, ILC Dover IBH helmet, Gentex USMC light weight helmet, and other compatible models. For helmets that have small bolts (relatively to the strap hole size), simply add a piece of metal washer (from the hardware store) over the holes before screwing the straps back in the helmet. Our goggle retention straps fit almost every commercial and military goggles in the market (e.g. Oakley military A-frame, ESS low profile goggles, Wiley-X, MSA ESP goggles and etc), and work perfectly under helmet covers that have retention straps openings (if not,  you can simply create these opening by simple sewing tools). Some operators also like to get their head gears (NVGs, head lamps) tie-down at the goggle straps to prevent MIAs. Other colors include coyote brown, sewer green, foliage green, and black. Each set come with a pair of straps.

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