The Damascus Steel spade (Kill Card) Bottle opener 3"x 2.25"


The Damascus Steel spade (Kill Card) Bottle opener 3"x 2.25"


The Damascus Ace Card (Kill Card) bottle opener.

100% made in the USA by american hands with domestic materials. 

Perfect conversation piece too impress your beer drinking buddies.

Badassery at its finest!

Reason and History: The ace of spades, the so-called "death card" is featured in many movies about the Vietnam War. The symbol is also depicted on various unit crests, special operations privately-made patches, collar insignia, and on flags and painted vignettes on military aircraft and gun trucks.

In addition to the thousands of Americans dead and wounded, the Vietnam War also took a psychological toll. Soldiers lived in constant fear of an enemy they often couldn't see, and responded to this terror in different ways. The 1st Cavalry Division left the Ace of Spades -- the payback card-- on the enemy's body as its signature. 




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