Coyote Brown USA Made Pantel Tactical COBRA Belt


Coyote Brown USA Made Pantel Tactical COBRA Belt

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USA Made 

TAN Pantel Tactical Cobra Belt


Med (31-33") Based on pant waist size, not true waist size

Large (36-38")  

XL (40-42") 

XXL (44-46") 

XXXL (48-50") 

XXXXL (52-54") 

Color: Coyote Brown 

The Pantel Tactical Cobra Riggers Belt uses the pinnacle of heavy duty buckles...Cobra buckles. What is so special about this buckle you might ask? Well a common problem in other belts is that the webbing strength is ratedhigher than the buckle. The Cobra Buckle is rated closer to the webbing at 2000lbs. The integrated locking elementpermits fast adjustment of strap length. It is both compact and strong.

The quick release functionality is intuitive and smooth in which one pushes the tabs down at the same time. If just one tab is engaged the connection will still hold and fully relock on its own once released. No need to worry about the buckle unlatching while bending at the waste or sitting in a vehicle

Along with the Cobra buckle, the belt also includes a parachute hardware black triangle ring rated at a tensile strength of 2500 lbs secured by MILSPEC 1" TYPE 17337 webbing and hook and loop Velcro. This feature is great for integrating into a climbing harness, Swiss-seat, or on its own in emergency situations.

Equal quality goes into the webbing parts of the belt. Made with two layers of 4088 TYPE 7 or 13 riggers webbing for stiffness.. All stitching is clean and uses MIL-SPEC TYPE 92 thread. These specs make the belt about 1-3/4" wide, which is a good width and still fits in the vast majority of military/civilianstyle pant belt loops. The adjustment end is tapered for ease of use and well melted to prevent fraying. For flap control, hook Velcro is also on the adjustment end with 10" of loop Velcro on the exterior of the belt to secure to.

The end result is a nice stiffness to comfort ratio belt which is great for attaching a holster or sub-load to. It isn't as stiff as a duty belt, but offers more rigidity than most leather belts. The quick release capability makes it great for everyday use when you just need to go to the bathroom or expose your crotch for other fun activities :) .

This belt isn't cheap by any means ( mostly due to the high cost of Cobra buckles), however those who want a premium belt will be more than pleased. Buy one and be prepared to be spoiled.

Sizing for the Pantel Tactical Cobra Riggers belt is based off industry standards, your pant waist size (not your actual waist measurement)

The Cobra Rigger's Belt is in use by members of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and line troops around the globe.

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