ReadyMan Bleeder First Aid Kit

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ReadyMan Bleeder First Aid Kit


The ReadyMan Bleeder First Aid Kit was put together by 28 year Special Forces Veteran Jeff Kirkham to deal with traumatic bleeding.  Each ReadyMan Bleeder Kit Bag is custom made in U.S.A with a lifetime warranty and easily fits in a cargo pocket, backpack or purse etc. Buy as a package and save.

Products included (and contained) in the bag  

  • 1000D CORDURA® bag made in the USA with "loop" velcro on front
  • RATS Tourniquet - Red
  • RATS Splint Instructional Bandana
  • RATS 911 Request Checklist (focuses on important detail forgotten under stress)
  • Nu-Stat Blood Stop Gauze
  • Fox Chest Seal
  • ReadyMan "Medic" Patch

Features velcro top closure for secure yet fast access to lifesaving materials. 


4 1/2" in (length) X 7"in. (height)

Weight: 9.8 oz

Bleeder Kit bag is made in the USA with a LIFETIME Warranty

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